Caravan Maintenance Tips to Consider

Your home away from home is your pride and joy. It is your opportunity to get away for unique adventures without having to worry about accommodation and its far more comfortable than camping. So, it’s important that you look after your caravan, if you want it to be road ready when you want to head out on your next adventure. Caravan maintenance should be carried out regularly, preventing any problems that might arise from becoming expensive and dangerous. 


Here at Bicester Caravan & Leisure, we offer customers high quality caravans and accessories to ensure that they have the best possible experience on the open road. And we want to make sure that our customers are prepared for proper maintenance, so we’ve compiled a list of our leading maintenance tips for all round use. With the help of these tips, you’ll be able to extend the life of your caravan, allowing you to continue your adventures.


Wheels and Tyres


Your wheels and tyres are arguably one of the most important parts of your caravan because they are the only parts that touch the road while you’re driving. Your safety and that of your caravan is therefore found in the health of your wheels and tires. We would recommend regularly checking the tires for any signs of perishing like cracks in the sidewalls or unusual bulges. After you’ve checked the tyres, we would suggest carefully checking the rims for any buckles and cracks and make sure that the tire pressure is neither too high nor too low. If you come across any issues, then you should take the caravan to a professional garage to get new wheels and tyres fitted. 


Gas, Power and Water Storage


A caravan is a comfortable place for you to stay while travelling, but all the comforts of home have to run somehow. Appliances are usually run off of gas or electricity, so it’s important that you properly maintain and check all of these elements. Make sure that you regularly test all of the appliances including your fridge, cooker and heating system to make sure that there are no leaks and that everything is working correctly. This can help you avoid issues in the future and will give you peace of mind while travelling. 


We would also recommend checking the electrics, just to make sure that the lights and other devices are in good working order. You can easily replace broken bulbs and take the steps to make sure that your electricity is as safe as possible. Finally , don’t forget to regularly empty stale water from your system and flush the whole system through frequently. 


Rust and Mould


Both rust and mould can cause a number of problems for you and your caravan in both the short and the long term. But they are also easy to avoid by keeping up your caravan maintenance. For example, take the time to regularly clean the exterior of your caravan. Don’t let the mud or dirt accumulate on the outside because that will become a breeding ground for mould and bacteria. We’d also recommend keeping your caravan somewhere dry when you’re not using it to avoid over exposure to rain and damp days, which can quickly lead to rust. If you don’t have an undercover space, then you’ll want to invest in a caravan cover instead, which will offer you the chance to keep your caravan safe when you’re not using it.


Would you Like Some Further Advice?

Looking for more maintenance tips? Then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today. With years of experience working with caravans, we know that we can offer you the help and support that you need to properly protect your caravan in the long term.