Discovering the Buccaneer Barracuda Caravan

Are you looking to purchase a new, modern caravan and are interested in the Buccaneer Barracuda caravan? It can be difficult to choose the right caravan to meet your needs – with so many different caravan makes and models available. The Buccaneer Barracuda offers you comfort, style and security making it the ideal mobile vehicle for any caravanner no matter where you are looking to go. 


Here at Bicester Caravan & Leisure, we have put together a post discovering the Buccaneer Barracuda, explaining a bit more about this revolutionary mobile vehicle and its many features. We are a family-run caravan dealership based in Oxfordshire, that are passionate about providing leading caravans, motorhomes, and trailer tents for your exploring needs. We stock a wide range of caravan makes and models, from leading manufacturers to bring you the ultimate caravans on the market.


The Buccaneer Barracuda


The Buccaneer Barracuda is made by leading caravan manufacturer Elddis – and offers you ultimate levels of comfort, style and luxury for your next trip away. It is a 4 berth caravan, making it ideal for the entire family. This caravan has a L-shaped lounge for you to relax in, with a dedicated entertainment centre and TV taking pride of place – with the lounge converting into a comfy double bed at night for you to sleep soundly on. At the end of the Buccaneer Barracuda is a bright and spacious double bedroom, with a retractable bed allowing you to make more space during the day when you aren’t comfy and asleep. It also boasts a fantastic split-style bathroom, which can be used either as an en-suite or as a bathroom for the entire family. 


Comfortable and Cosy


The Buccaneer Barracuda is 8ft wide creating unsurpassed interior living space that the entire family can enjoy and make use of. There is plenty of space for everyone to enjoy. The Barracuda has ALDE Underfloor heating ensuring that you stay warm during the colder months and can enjoy the comfort of warm floors on cold winter mornings. It also has a new ALDE compact 3030 boiler – offering you even more heating comfort. The Barracuda is also Grade III Thermal Insulated, for guaranteed all year round comfort. 


Beautiful Design


The Buccaneer Barracuda has a beautiful modern design, and is engineered with an entirely seam-free finish. It looks fresh, beautiful and contemporary – perfect for the modern couple or family. Its ‘Welsh White’ finish has a clean and harmonious feel, and is also water-resistant, lightweight, and highly durable. This caravan is made with quality and craftsmanship in every detail – including traditional dove-tailed drawers throughout, and soft-close hinges on all side-hung doors. It also has stylish, improved low-level LED lighting and a back-lit headboard with feature lighting. This caravan offers you luxurious style and beauty, and all of the furnishings and materials are made from high-quality materials to ensure a comfortable, relaxing stay.


Fully Equipped


The Buccaneer Barracuda is fully equipped with everything that you need to enjoy including a fully equipped kitchen, with all of the domestic appliances you’ll ever need and storage space galore as well as a stunning bathroom that can be sectioned off to create an en-suite perfect for if you have guests to stay. Its lounge is equipped with excellent entertainment features that are bound to keep everyone entertained, and a comfortable sleeping area for a great night’s sleep. Everything that you will possibly need for your trip away is in the Buccaneer Barracuda, making it the ideal caravan no matter where you are going. 


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