Essential Need-To-Know Guide on Trailer Tents

trailer tent

Every year, more and more people are getting trailer tents. They love the extra comfort and luxury that these units provide, as well as the possibility to still stay close to the outdoors and nature. 


If you are considering buying a trailer tent, but you need to find out more before you make a decision – then Bicester Caravan & Leisure have written an educational guide on everything you must know about trailer tents. Read on below to learn more, and if you’d like to explore the units currently available – visit our website today. 


What Are Trailer Tents?


Trailer tents are essentially units with roofs and walls that are made out of heavy-duty fabric. This fabric is designed to fold out from the trailer, and can be pegged out like a conventional tent. Once a trailer tent has been pegged, it looks pretty much the same as a standard tent. 


Furthermore, these units can be towed, and they can also have an awning and sun awning added – both of which will greatly increase the overall amount of space offered. If you want plenty of interior space, then opting for a trailer tent is highly recommended. 


The Advantages of Trailer Tents


Trailer tents have continued to grow in popularity over the last couple of years. They offer a number of excellent advantages that make them an ideal investment for anyone who wants to travel and get out on the roads exploring everything the UK and abroad has to offer. Firstly, trailer tents are lightweight, so they’re easy to transport and set up. 


Moreover, they don’t require lots of space, as you can store them on the side. Likewise, they can be extended with ease to fit a larger group of people. If you want a decent-sized living and sleeping area, then this is absolutely possible. It’s even possible to install a cabin underneath if you want an additional, extra cosy sleeping area. 


Overall, buying a trailer tent is the answer to all your touring problems – it’ll make being in the great outdoors a superb experience from beginning to end. 


The Most Popular Trailer Tents Right Now


With a variety of trailer tents on the market, it can be difficult to know where to look first. Fortunately, the Bicester Caravan & Leisure team has highlighted here a couple of the units that are trending at the moment. First of all, the Comanche OREGON Trailer Tent is a modern, versatile and roomy option. It has enough capacity for the entire family, so it’s ideal for those family tours. Once it’s been unfolded, it has rooms with 1.7m wide beds and slatted bed bases. Not just this, but it also has big windows in the bedrooms and central space for optimal ventilation. 


Another popular trailer tent option is the Comanche Petit, which is more tailored towards groups of 1 or 2 individuals. This is a lightweight tent that’s incredibly easy to set up and maintain on the road. You’ve got ample room to sleep, and with a small awning, you can choose between different openings to enjoy your personal space even more. With curtains, mosquito nets and a high-density foam mattress, you’ll be able to enjoy complete comfort and peacefulness.


Are You Interested in Trailer Tents?


Now that you’ve read our detailed need-to-know guide on trailer tents, if you find yourself excited about the possibility of owning your very-own trailer tent, then Bicester Caravan & Leisure is the place to come. We’re a highly regarded caravan dealership, with many years of experience and expertise behind us. As a family-run business, we pride ourselves on a personal, friendly and dependable service that goes above and beyond for every single customer. 


We are the exclusive importers of the highly-renowned Comanche Trailer Tents and Folding Campers, which are some of the finest trailer tents globally. Comanche is committed to conceiving, designing and manufacturing the very best trailers, having now cemented itself in the industry for more than 20 years. Should you be interested in Comanche Trailer Tents at competitive prices, then head to our website. From the Oregon and Petit to the McCamp, we’ve got a wide range of first-rate options. 


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