Exploring the Benefits of a Buying your First Caravan

benefits of buying caravan

Thinking about your future and how you plan to fill it is something many of us contemplate for years on end, and even though more of us are taking to the road for a life jam packed with adventure and leisure at any pace we prefer, there are still many people out there that have one thing or another stopping them from fulfilling the life they dream of in their house on wheels.

Whether you make the decision to tour in your own caravan for as much or as little as you like now that your retirement is upon you, you are simply looking for caravan for weekend adventures or you are searching for the perfect caravan layout that could accommodate the potential for full time living with plenty of space for the family and maybe even with your very own area where you can work in peace whilst exploring.

Whatever your reason for browsing for a great deal on your very first caravan, the only place you are sure to find a competitive, honest rate is when seeking the services of an established, experienced provider. That being said, we have just the company for you.

Welcome to Bicester Caravan & Leisure

Located in the heart of Bicester, Oxfordshire is a long-established, family owned business that runs off a passion for caravans, caravanning and discovering the different doors that life on the road can open for us now and on our future endeavours. Not only does this mean that this dedicated business will always have the interests of fellow caravanners at the top of their priority list but they also know just how welcoming the feeling of discovering a great deal on a quality caravan can be.

We would like to introduce you to Bicester Caravan & Leisure. We know first hand the trials, tribulations and; of course, the joys that come with buying and owning a caravan, efficiently maintaining a caravan and taking it on tour. What better way to share those experiences with others than through competitively priced, new and used caravans, from the likes of Elddis, Buccaneer, Xplore, Coachman, Swift, Basecamp and Sprite.

As a reputable dealer of some of the most well-known caravan configurations and exclusive importers for the renowned Comanche range of folding campers and trailer tents, we understand just how important it is to know exactly what you are looking to buy and with our extensive selection of caravans for you to choose from that offer different layouts we are sure that you will be able to find a caravan to suit all of your requirements; including your budget.

How a Great Deal on your First Caravan can Affect your Future Experiences

Choosing a caravan is like choosing a house. There are hundreds to choose from but you know that ‘one size does not fit all’ so the search continues until you find ‘the one’. Our new and used caravans for sale come in all shapes and sizes with room for just 2 people to those with plenty of room for the whole family, so making sure you are looking at the right selection is greatly important thus to ensure you are searching through the most suitable price range.

Just like anything, comfort is key; no matter where you are and what you are doing and without it, it can be particularly difficult to really live in the moment and enjoy your caravan and the experiences you seek whilst residing in it. So be sure to head over to our website to see the wide range of caravans we have available for you to choose from; and remember, check if each one offers you those all important must-haves.

Would you Like some Further Help and Support?

Searching for a great deal on your very first caravan can be tricky because as a prospective caravanner it’s often hard to know the exact price range to expect, that is why we ensure we are on hand to answer any questions you may have and provide you with the further information that is sure to be useful to you on your search when you get in contact with us.

Simply call us either on 01869 242343 or 07711 425284, email us at sales@bicestercaravanandleisure.co.uk or complete our online contact form and we’ll get back to you promptly.