Popular Folding Campers To Purchase in 2022

folding campers

Folding campers are a fantastic way to tour and experience everything that the great outdoors has to offer. They have a conventional caravan base, and come with a folding canvas top. Everything is kept inside the main body of the camper including the beds, seating, storage and kitchen, so a folding camper is far more flexible and versatile compared to other travelling units on the market. 


In this informative post, the Bicester Caravans & Leisure team has explored a couple of the best folding campers you can buy over the next year. Below, read on further to find out more about the exciting options available, and if you’d like to make an enquiry – please contact us today.


Montana Explorer Folding Camper


The most sought-after folding camper right now is the Montana Explorer. This is a modern, spacious folding camper that can be assembled and opened with absolute ease. It has enough room for up to four people, and can even fit up to 6 people if an additional awning is fitted. There are two beds separated by a double interior ceiling, and the high-density foam mattresses rest on a folding slatted base. There is also extra storage space under the mattresses, so you can hide away all your essentials and accessories. 


The Montana Explorer is highly versatile and can be used in a myriad of ways. You might choose to make it your ideal companion for those romantic weekend getaways, or you might want it with you on those longer holidays or touring expeditions. With all the fundamental accessories available, you will have everything you need for a superb time on tour. 


Above all, you’ll be able to experience what it’s like to sleep immersed in nature, but simultaneously, be in the comfort and security of a home-like environment. To learn more about this model, head to our site today. 


Pennine Countryman Folding Camper


Another popular folding camper to invest in is the Pennine Countryman 2018. This model is a 4 to 6 berth, lightweight folding camper that comes complete with matching awning and bed skirts. It is a luxurious and spacious folding camper that will give you all the room you need for your travelling group; as a result, you’ll be able to stay in optimum comfort throughout your tour. 


There are zip out panels that enable you to make a sun canopy for those gorgeously hot and sunny days in the peak of summer. What’s more, you have ample sleeping space so your group can rest comfortably and peacefully at night. Similarly, there is a fridge, gas hob and grill heating too in the kitchen area, so you’ve got everything you need for cooking and heating food. 


To view more details about the Pennine Countryman, visit our website today or contact us via the details below.


Searching For Comanche Folding Campers?


Having learned about a couple of the best folding campers you can buy in 2022, if you’re looking for somewhere that specialises in Comanche Folding Campers, then come to Bicester Caravans & Leisure today. We are extremely proud to be the exclusive importers of the leading, state-of-the-art Comanche Trailer Tents, Folding Campers and Motor Bike Trailers. We have a wide range of units available at competitive prices. 


Our dedicated team has years of experience in Comanche Folding Campers, so we can provide you with excellent advice, guidance and support on finding the right unit for your personal touring needs and requirements. If you’d like to speak about folding campers with an expert, then please do not hesitate to contact us today on 01869 242343. You can also drop us a message via our email address at sales@bicestercaravanandleisure.co.uk