Searching for Nearly New Caravans for Sale?

nearly new caravans

New caravans are often considered a luxury. You always know what you’ll get with a brand new caravan and they give you the opportunity to embrace your trips around the country with minimal maintenance. But brand new caravans are incredibly expensive, which means that they’re outside of the budget of many customers. Here at Bicester Caravan & Leisure, we’re committed to selling ‘nearly new caravans’ to help those on a limited budget.

What’s a Nearly New Caravan?

A nearly new caravan is a second hand caravan that is in such good condition, it could almost be new. We stock nearly new caravans at Bicester Caravan & Leisure. We are careful to service and maintain them once they come into our possession. We don’t accept caravans that are falling apart or those with big problems lurking under the surface, and we perform thorough maintenance checks to make sure they are of the standard we expect. We value the trust that our customers have in us and we wouldn’t put that at risk with disappointing and poor quality caravans.

How Do We Make Sure our Caravans are ‘Nearly New’?

  • We Check for Signs of Damp

One of the first things that we do when we inspect a caravan is check for dampness. Damp is a problem because it can cause serious damage to a caravan and caravans as whole are supposed to be watertight. Even if we wash away the signs of dampness, the problem will remain, which is not worthy of the ‘nearly new’ title.

But the presence of damp might not be a deal breaker, we’ll identify the root of the problem before we take on the project. If it’s easily fixed, then we’ll repair it before putting it up for sale, so make sure that your caravan is completely free of damp. Some of the caravans that we come across are diamonds in the rough and we’re passionate about bringing out the best in every caravan we work with.

  • We Fully Service Each Caravan

Once we’ve checked the caravan thoroughly for any issues, we run a full service on the caravan. This is the step that transforms our used caravans into nearly new caravans. Our site has a complete servicing workshop that allows us to run full maintenance on any caravan, no matter the make or model. This is when we have an opportunity to peak below the surface of the caravan and make any necessary repairs.

This includes replacing any issues with rust and deterioration and replacing any pieces of damaged furniture. This is important for guaranteeing the quality of every nearly new caravan that we sell.

  • We Check All Tyres

The tyres are one of the most important parts of the caravan because they are the only part of the caravan that touches the road while driving. Sometimes, we work with nearly new caravans with tyres that have years left on them, while others have tyres that are completely worn down. By ensuring that your tyres won’t need replacing any time soon, we offer customers the best possible investment for their needs.

Would you Like Any Further Information?

Has this blog post answered your questions about what makes a caravan ‘nearly new’? Are you looking for a nearly new caravan of your very own? Then you should head over to our website to check out which used caravans we have for sale. All of our used caravans are of a superior quality and can be considered nearly new, so you can make your purchases with complete confidence. If you see something you like on our website, then you can contact our team to find out more information.