The Basic Accessories You Need For Your First Caravan Holiday


There is no denying that purchasing your first caravan is incredibly exciting and it really does open up so many opportunities holiday-wise for you. Exploring new areas in the UK has never been easier and you can do so for the fraction of the price it would usually cost you as well, not to mention you won’t have any of the hassle that comes with organising accommodation either. 


Once you’ve collected your caravan, it is likely that you will want to book a campsite as soon as you can to have a weekend away somewhere. Whilst there is nothing stopping you from doing so, it is important to remember that you will need a few basic caravan accessories before you use your caravan for the first time. Thankfully, you can pick these things up from any caravan and camping shop, and they aren’t hard to get hold of. So, before you take your caravan out for the first time, make sure you have; 


Water carrier 


Your caravan won’t be connected to a water supply, so you will need some sort of water carrier that you fill up from the drinking water tap on the campsite. Lots of people opt for an aqua roll as a water carrier and they are incredibly convenient to use, they tend to hold more water too. Make sure you get a water pump hose to connect the water carrier to your caravan as well. 


Wastewater carrier 


Lots of campsites will require you to have a wastewater carrier and this will catch any of the water that drains from the sinks and shower in your caravan. Many will opt for a Wastemaster as it is designed to slide under the caravan and it is on wheels which makes emptying much easier. You will need a waste pipe as well to connect your caravan to the wastewater carrier. 


Gas bottle, battery and electric hook up cable 


These are all of the things that will ‘power’ your caravan, so to speak. Your gas bottle will usually power things like your fridge, hob, oven and heating, whereas your 12V battery will power all other equipment whenever you don’t have an electric hook up. If the campsite you’re going to does have an electric hook up, you will need a cable to plug into your caravan too. 


Caravan step 


Whilst this can be easy to overlook, you will definitely thank yourself if you get a caravan step before your first camping trip. It will be much easier to get in and out of the caravan with a step and there is a huge range to choose from at caravan and camping shops. Often, people recommend that you invest in a quality sturdy step as it will get a lot of use. 


Levelling ramps 


Not all campsites that you book onto will be flat and it is important to ensure that no matter which pitch you’re staying on, your caravan is level. You can get ramps that go underneath your wheels to level out your caravan and you will also need some blocks to stop the caravan from rolling down the ramps too. You will probably want to get a little spirit level as well. 


Homeware items 


You don’t have to get these bits and bobs in a caravan and camping shop, but you should buy them before your first weekend away. You will need to get everything from bedding and towels to crockery and cooking utensils. Essentially, think about all of the things that you use on a daily basis at home, it is likely that you will need these in your caravan as well. 


Purchasing basic caravan essentials


As soon as you have got all of the accessories mentioned above, you will be ready to book a campsite and take your caravan out for the first time. Whilst you may be able to get by without some of the items mentioned above, others really are essential and you shouldn’t attempt to go away without them, you will only be making things harder for yourself. 


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