The Benefits Of Comanche Trailer Tents

Comanche Trailer Tents

Going on a camping trip is a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and take a much needed peaceful break. These days, camping doesn’t have to be uncomfortable and without luxuries either and there are lots of ways you can make your trip more enjoyable, such as; staying in a trailer tent. 


Here at Bicester Caravan & Leisure, we stock the very best in trailer tents, offering our customers the quality and reliability they deserve. Some of our best sellers are the Comanche trailer tents and Comanche have been designing and producing trailers for over two decades, making them the first choice for lots of camping enthusiasts. A Comanche trailer tent can transform the way you holiday and there are so many advantages to owning a trailer tent. If you’re wondering why Comanche trailer tents are so popular, below we have looked into some of their biggest benefits. 


They are simple to assemble


One of the best things about Comanche trailer tents is that they are really straightforward to set up. For example, to set up the McCamp Trailer Tent, you simply open the tent trailer in the middle and the tubes unfold like an umbrella.


Setting up camp can be a tedious task and the longer this takes, the longer you have to wait to start enjoying yourself. If the weather isn’t great or you’ve arrived at the campsite late at night, having a trailer tent that is simple to assemble is undeniably useful too. Thankfully, Comanche trailer tents are also easy to pack away at the end of your trip, allowing you to get off the campsite quickly and beat the traffic.


They are surprisingly spacious


Many don’t realise just how spacious trailer tents can be and they are perfect for family holidays. Take the Oregon Trailer Tent, for example, there is space for up to eight people to sleep in this tent and you won’t feel cramped during your camping trip if you opt for this trailer. 


Not only do Comanche trailer tents have comfortable sleeping spaces, but they also provide you with communal areas as well. Having a large living space is really beneficial and it will enable you to enjoy your camping experience, regardless of what the weather is like. You won’t need to worry about overpacking either and there will be plenty of space to keep all of your belongings whilst you’re away. 


It’s worth noting that when you have a trailer tent, you will have lots more space in your car as well. You won’t have to try and fit a tent into the boot of your car, and you will have more space for the other camping equipment you need. Having a trailer tent will make it much easier for you to pack the car up and long journeys will be more comfortable for everyone. 


They are really comfortable


A huge benefit of Comanche trailer tents is that they’re really comfortable. Many don’t like the idea of camping because they don’t want to sleep on the cold hard ground, but even the smallest trailer tents, like the Petit Trailer Tent, will keep your sleeping space off the floor. 


No matter how long you’re going camping for, Comanche trailer tents will help to ensure you have a great night’s sleep and an elevated sleeping area is undeniably beneficial. Some trailer tents even have slatted bed bases too, making them just like the beds you sleep on at home. With large windows in the bedrooms as well, you can even enjoy the beautiful countryside views whilst you’re laying in bed.  


Purchasing a Comanche trailer tent


If you’re interested in purchasing a Comanche trailer tent, be sure to check out the rest of the Bicester Caravan & Leisure website. We are very proud to be the exclusive importers for the world-renowned Comanche trailers here in the UK and we have a brilliant selection to choose from. If you have any questions about the different types of trailer tents available and you’re struggling to choose the right solution for your personal requirements, feel free to get in touch with our team today. You can call us on 01869 242343 and we will be more than happy to help you narrow down the vast market.