Tips for Navigating the Second Hand Touring Caravan Market

Used Caravan is Perfect for Family Holidays

When you own a touring caravan, you have the opportunity to create unforgettable memories with family and friends, and you can enjoy the freedom and adventure they provide. You can experience the open road whilst having the comfort of home, making touring caravans a popular choice for people wanting to have their own accommodation.

However, the cost of purchasing a brand new caravan can be off-putting and for this reason, lots of people will explore the second hand market. A second hand touring caravan can be ideal for anyone new to the world of caravanning and looking for a more affordable solution. If you’re considering investing in a second hand caravan, below we have put together some useful tips to help you navigate the market and purchase in confidence.

The Benefits of Buying a Second Hand Caravan

Buying a second-hand caravan offers lots of benefits, making it a popular option for many holidaymakers. It’s incredibly cost-effective as caravans depreciate quickly in the first few years, allowing you to save money by simply choosing a used model. Opting for a second hand caravan also benefits the environment by extending the life of a perfectly good caravan and preventing it from going to landfill. With such a huge range of caravans on the second hand market, you will have several options to choose from too and you can find the perfect layout for your specific needs, without breaking the bank.

Tips for First-Time Buyers Navigating the Market

Similarly to the second hand car markets, the caravan market can be challenging, especially if you’re new to caravanning. To help you make informed choices and find a caravan that suits your needs, preferences and budget, consider these tips;

  • Know What You Need – Before exploring the market, consider your requirements in terms of size, layout and essential features. Whether you’re looking for a spacious family caravan or a cosy model for two, understanding your needs will streamline your search. Think about how you plan to use your caravan too, for long holidays on one campsite or frequent short trips, as this will influence your choice.
  • Set a Budget – Be clear on how much you’re willing to spend and factor in additional costs for any necessary repairs or desired upgrades. It can also be beneficial to set aside a contingency fund for unexpected expenses, so you’re prepared for any scenario.
  • Research the Market – Familiarise yourself with the caravan market by exploring brochures and browsing marketplaces. This research will not only help you understand what’s available but also the average pricing and what to expect for your budget. You can even reach out to the caravan community for some invaluable insights and recommendations from people who have purchased second hand before.
  • Buy from a Dealer – Purchasing from a reputable caravan dealer rather than a private seller offers several benefits. Dealers often provide a thorough pre-sale inspection and can address any issues before you purchase, ensuring the caravan is in good condition. They also offer valuable advice and after-sales support, supporting you with key aspects of caravan ownership. This level of service and security is beneficial for first-time buyers and it can provide peace of mind over the uncertainty of buying privately.
  • Check the Caravan’s History – When considering a caravan, thoroughly investigate its history. Request service records, details of previous repairs and information on any modifications. This is crucial for understanding the caravan’s condition and maintenance history, providing a clearer picture of its value.
  • Inspect Thoroughly – If possible, you should always view the caravan in person. This allows you to check for wear and tear, signs of dampness, and the overall condition of the interior. Don’t forget to check things like the undercarriage, water systems and electricals, as repairs to these can be expensive.
  • Consider Resale Value – It’s worth thinking ahead to the future when you might want to upgrade or sell your caravan. Some models and brands hold their value better than others. Opting for a caravan with a good resale value can make your next upgrade easier and more cost-effective.

Finding a Second Hand Touring Caravan with Bicester Caravan & Leisure

Hopefully, the information above will be beneficial if you’re considering purchasing a second hand touring caravan and you can ensure you’re making the right investment. Our team at Bicester Caravan & Leisure will be happy to help you narrow down the vast market. As a well-established caravan dealership, you can trust you will be in very good hands when you turn to us for assistance. We can streamline the process of buying a second hand caravan and answer any questions you may have.

With a huge selection of quality pre-owned caravans to choose from, we will have the ideal make and model for you. We ensure that every caravan has been thoroughly inspected and meets our high standards for quality and reliability too, so you can purchase in confidence. Our team knows first-hand what it is like to buy a caravan and we can make the process as hassle-free as possible. Visit our dealership today to start your caravanning journey.