Which Accessories Should You Purchase For Your Caravan?

Caravans full of accessories

Across the country, you might have noticed that caravans are becoming more-and-more popular. This is evidenced by the fact that campsites are consistently getting booked-up throughout the year. As a caravan-owner, you will undoubtedly look at other people’s investments, and make comparisons. If this is the case, the chances are that you have seen certain accessories more-often than others. Below, Bicester Caravans have taken the liberty of highlighting 2021’s best-selling accessoires, some of which might be of interest to you. We hope that we are able to open your eyes to the possibilities that are available to you.

4G WiFi

If you were under the impression that, whilst on your travels, you would have to be totally-dependent on your smartphones for Internet connection, we are pleased to inform you that this is no-longer the case. It is now possible to purchase portable routers that can be installed within your caravan, meaning that you can enjoy fast loading times throughout your trip. This, in the modern world, is an accessory that you simply cannot do-without.

Portable BBQ

During the summer, it is highly-likely that you will want to make the most of the glorious sunshine; this means that you will look to enjoy your meals in the great outdoors. Although you could simply opt to buy takeaways, or invest in disposable BBQs that can be found in most supermarkets, a better alternative would be to purchase a portable BBQ. This can be cleaned with ease, and can be used time-and-time again. As the years go by, you will become increasingly thankful that you decided to acquire one of these excellent accessories. 

Caravan Steps

Despite not being the most-glamorous of accessories to make it onto this list, there is no-denying the impact that caravan steps can have. The drop to the floor can sometimes cause major issues, particularly when you are trying to carry heavy luggage and cumbersome pieces of furniture. To put a stop to this inconvenience, all that you need to do is go out of your way to purchase some plastic steps. Whenever you make-camp for the night, you can deploy these in a matter of seconds – you can be rest-assured that they will make your life a lot easier. 

Camera System

One of the beautiful aspects of caravan holidays is that you are not confined to one place – instead, you are free to roam about as you please. However, this does cause a few security-related problems. For your own peace-of-mind, it could be worthwhile buying a state-of-the-art camera system. This can relay a live feed directly to your phone, and drastically reduces the chances of your caravan being targeted by thieves and criminals. With this in-place, you can rest safe in the knowledge that during your trip, you are well-protected.

Need Our Help?

After taking-stock of the current state of your caravan, it is possible that you have come to the conclusion that it is lacking in certain areas. Rather than decide to replace it with a newer model, you might think that a better solution would be to invest in accessories – this is where Bicester Caravans enters into the picture. Although we are usually considered to be in possession of the finest caravan showroom in Bicester, it is important that you recognise that our capabilities know no-limits. 


With accessories in abundance, and the ability to complete yearly-services for caravans of all shapes-and-sizes, it is no-wonder that our services are in high-demand. Why not write to us today at sales@bicestercaravanandleisure.co.uk, and see if we have what it takes to leave you with a sense of satisfaction?