Deciding Whether Or Not To Invest In A Motor Mover


The vast majority of the time, when taking your caravan to a new campsite or even parking your caravan at a storage facility, you will simply be able to drive or reverse the caravan into the dedicated space. However, sometimes if the space is tight or in an awkward location then you might not be able to do so and often, this means that you have to un-hitch your caravan from your car and push and pull it into the space instead. 


It goes without saying that manually moving a caravan isn’t always easy, especially if you have a twin/double axle caravan or you don’t have many pairs of hands available to help. Thankfully, there is a brilliant piece of equipment that can make things easier in this regard; a motor mover. If you’re new to owning a caravan and you’re not really sure what a motor mover is, below is everything you need to know in this regard. 


What is a motor mover?


As the name suggests, a motor mover is a motorised manoeuvring system and it is fitted onto your caravan’s chassis. Without going into too much technical detail, it is a device that will be powered by your caravan’s battery and it uses rollers to move your caravan’s wheels. 


You can control a motor mover with a small handset, a bit like a remote control, and you will be able to move your caravan in any direction without any manual effort whatsoever.


How expensive are motor movers?


The prices of motor movers will vary quite dramatically depending on factors such as the manufacturer that you purchase from but, generally speaking, you can expect to pay around £1000 for a high-quality powerful motor mover. 


For some, this will be a big expense and it is fair to say that the up-front cost of a motor mover is quite high. However, it is important to look at the price-per-use of a piece of equipment like this and when doing so, you will find that the price doesn’t seem as unreasonable. 


Why do people install motor movers?


As mentioned above, a motor mover enables you to move your caravan simply with the press of a button. So, if you’re ever in a situation where you’re unable to use your car to park your caravan, it prevents you from having to push and pull the van into position. This is undeniably the main reason why so many people choose to install a motor mover.


Not only does being able to move your caravan with the help of a motorised device prevent you from exhausting yourself when arriving at a new campsite or returning to storage after a holiday, but it also completely removes the worry of parking in tight spaces. A motor mover is incredibly precise and it will move the caravan very slowly, meaning it is much less likely that you will damage your caravan or any caravans you’re parking next to. 


Lots of people also choose to install motor movers when they frequently hitch and un-hitch their caravan by themselves. This can be quite difficult to do manually by yourself, but a motor mover prevents you from needing a second pair of hands. 


It can also make hitching up a much quicker process in general too. You won’t have to keep realigning your car in an attempt to be in the right position when reversing towards your caravan. Instead, you can simply move your caravan towards the car and you will be able to clearly see which direction you need to move in to precisely align the towbar. 


Purchasing a motor mover 


All in all, it is fair to say that a motor mover really can make life much easier for you, especially when you’re parking your caravan in awkward pitches. That being said, they can be expensive, so it is important to consider how much you would actually use a motor mover when deciding whether or not to buy one. If you want to go ahead and purchase a motor mover and you’re looking for a camping shop in Bicester that can assist you further in this regard, be sure to visit the Bicester Caravan & Leisure shop. 


Not only do we provide a range of motor movers from popular manufacturers like Powrtouch and Truma, but we can also fit them for you too. If you’re not really sure what you’re looking for when purchasing a motor mover, our knowledgeable team will happily help you to find the perfect solution for your caravan and they can recommend the most suitable motor movers for your individual requirements. If you have any questions at all regarding motor movers, don’t hesitate to contact us and we look forward to seeing you at our camping shop in Bicester.